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CarePlus Medicare Advantage Plans

CarePlus Medicare Advantage Plans

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Different Medicare Advantage Plans for Different Needs

CarePlus offers several Medicare Advantage plan choices*. At CarePlus, we're ready to help you sort through your choices so you can make decisions with confidence. Not sure which Medicare plan is best for you? Enter your ZIP code at the top of this page to see plans available in your area, except for Special Needs Plans (SNPs). You can compare benefits, estimate costs, and enroll online.

*Not all plans available in all counties.

Medicare Advantage HMO Plans

CarePlus' Medicare HMO plans can help you get more from your health care dollar. Explore how you can save with drug and medical coverage all in one Medicare plan.

Service Areas

CarePlus' Medicare Advantage HMO benefit plans offer broad coverage in many Florida counties. Learn more about benefit plans offered in your area.

Find the pharmacy/provider directories and prescription drug lists for your service area and benefit plans.

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